“Handy” Halloween Snack

Are you stressing because Halloween’s in just a few days and you don’t have anything for your child’s school or that costume party you got invited to? These “handy” snacks are just the thing that will make it seem like you totally have your life together without actually having to have your life together. And don’t we all need that.
Bonus? No cooking, baking, or refrigeration required which is always a plus when taking things to a party.
What You’ll Need:
Latex free plastic gloves (I got mine from Walmart)
Popcorn (You can pop your own or use Smart Pop or even Pirate’s Booty)
Candy Corn
Twine or Ribbon
Plastic Halloween Rings 
What You Do:
1. Place a candy corn point down in each finger hole of the glove.
2. Fill the glove with 2 handfuls of popcorn then crush it a little, and shake the glove so the popcorn falls down the finger holes.
3. Fill the rest of the glove with popcorn leaving enough free space to tie the glove shut.
4. Tie the glove opening with baker’s twine.
5. Place the ring on one of the fingers (I cut the ring on the back to make it easier to put on the glove and kids will still be able to wear them)
Now turn on Hocus Pocus, grab a glass of wine, and get to work.

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