Halloween 2015

I posted a few of our Halloween pictures yesterday, but I also wanted to do a post with all the pictures in one place. Unless your family or just really love seeing cute kids in costumes, this post might not be all that exciting.

Our first Halloween party was at my work on Wednesday night.

Next was Jack’s party at school (Ben’s school had a “reading party” all day)
And finally the real deal Halloween night. We went to my mother-in-law’s house for dinner and then trick or treated in some nearby neighborhoods. So many of the houses go all out-check out the picture of the witch and apothecary type booth.
It was so nice that Halloween was on a Saturday this year and we didn’t feel rushed to head out early or come home early because of school/work the next day. While the other kids rallied until almost midnight, poor Ben held on as long as he could before passing out on the couch.

 I’m already thinking about next year and how I can bribe my 6 year old into doing coordinating costumes.

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