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Not Another Hunter Repeat

So last year I told my husband that I wanted a pair of Hunter rain boots for Christmas. I told him this in October and November and then come December I was starting to get nervous. Long story short, by the time he tried to order the boots Nordstrom was sold out, Zappos, you name it. He ended up buying them off Amazon from a place in the UK but they delivered the wrong size and I ultimately had to send them back which was an ordeal in itself since they were from another country.

After Christmas, some stores had them back in stock and I ended up getting them a few weeks late. In the grand scheme of things it wasn’t a big deal at all #firstworldproblems. But in order to avoid confusion or delivery issues this year, I’m making a list of things I’d like, along with pictures and links to where they can be bought. And my husband is not only totally fine with this, but prefers a list because it saves him SO much time and stress of getting exactly what I want. Now if only I could convince him to get me every thing on the list.

*Note: none of the links are affiliates, they’re just things I really love

Have you made a wish list yet? What’s something you really hope to get this Christmas?


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