Gulf Shores, Alabama: Part II

After a full day at the beach, we decided to explore the area. We took a dolphin cruise that also included a swamp tour to see alligators. The captains on this particular cruise were fantastic and they let the kids sit with them and drive the boat a lot. They also sold snacks on board for $1 which was nice when they started to meltdown. My only complaint was that the tour was a little long and the kids had to keep their life jackets on the entire time. I’m glad the company out safety first but do you know how hard it is to keep a life jacket on a one year for 2 hours. 
Don’t mind Jack’s Cheeto hands and mouth. The tour was a little long and he was getting impatient so Cheetos to the rescue!
If I did the cruise again I would skip the swamp part and just stick to the dolphins to shorten the time. We didn’t end up seeing any alligators anyway and if alligators are your thing, Alligator Alley is awesome.
Our next day we drove about 30 minutes outside of Gulf Shores to Alligator Alley. When you first enter you’ll see a large pond full of alligators. There are a few different feeding times throughout the day and you can watch staff members give them their food.
Alligator Alley is made up of several walkways that wind around the property and you can purchase gator food to toss over the fences as you walk around.
There is also an area where you can hold baby alligators and I thought this was the coolest part by far.
This kid has no fear.
I love this picture of Jack. And yes, it was completely safe. The gator’s mouth was tapped shut and J held his tail to keep him from moving. 
Come back for Part III tomorrow as we wrap up the trip!

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