Gulf Shores Alabama: Part 1

I figured I better post about our summer vacation before summer is over. In the middle of June we made the 14 hour drive to Gulf Shores, Alabama. We went with my parents and sister and her family and it was the boys’ first trip to the beach. 
We decided to leave at 11:00pm on Friday night so the boys would sleep a good portion of the trip. We stopped at a McDonalds in the morning for breakfast and to give the boys a chance to run around. This particular McDonalds had the coolest play place and they boys loved these ball tubes.
Between stops and traffic the drive ended up taking waayy longer than we expected. We didn’t arrive at the beach house until 5:00pm which meant that despite leaving the night before, the boys were in the car all day. They ended up doing SO good and were so well behaved. 
 If you’re ever in Gulf Shores and looking for a rental house I highly recommended the Gulf Gaze Beach House. It has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and is right on the water. A husband and wife own it and rent it out and they are the sweetest couple. They even called us while we were there to make sure everything was ok and to chat about the weather:) This was the view from our huge porch.
The view from the living room.
My parents and sister left later than we did so while we waited for them we took the boys down to the beach for the first time. Jack grabbed the toys and plopped himself down in the sand.
Ben was a little more timid at first.
Once everyone arrived and got unpacked, we headed to the Hang Out for a late dinner. The food was okay, but what the food lacks the place makes up for in atmosphere. Apparently it wasn’t quite exciting enough for this guy. He slept through dinner and the live band which was pretty loud.
Jack on the other hand was ready to party. Apparently Beach Brothers covers are his jam and silverware makes great drumsticks.
Listening to music and watching the band with daddy.
The next morning my mom, sister, and I went to the store for groceries before everyone was up and then we spent the rest of the day at the beach swimming and sleeping (for Jack).
Despite sitting in the sand the previous night, he was not feeling it the next morning. 
Much better.
My brother in law pulled the kids around in this float while the waves came in. They loved it and poor Chris had the rope marks on his hands to prove it.
Rested and ready to go!
J and Ben dug this ENORMOUS hole while we were there. Each day it got deeper and deeper.
Passed out again. This time on Pampaw.
Sand was everywhere.
Love them so much!
Part II coming tomorrow!

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