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Friday, Friday

Happy Friday!!! These weeks are flying by and I’m definitely not complaining. Summer weekends are just the best. This weekend is even more special because we’ll be celebrating the husband’s 34th birthday all weekend long, complete with presents and cake on Sunday, his actual day of birth.

My 5 this week are ideas for celebrating your man’s birthday that don’t include a deck of cards with 52 ways I love you written on them.

Although I’m not a Jack Daniel’s fan, my husband is and these cupcakes are the perfect mix of dessert and booze so you really can’t go wrong.

This is almost as cheesy as the deck of cards (no offense if you’ve done this, just not my husband’s cup of tea), but at least presents are involved. The gifts don’t have to be anything big, I was thinking his favorite snack, gift cards, much needed socks that he refuses to buy for himself, etc.

Yes, another idea with booze. If you can’t drink on your birthday then when can you? I gave J a basket with a bunch of little bottles of alcohol for our anniversary, but we didn’t have a lot of mixers to go with them. This brilliant idea pairs the little bottle of booze with the mixer so you’re all set to go. I could also see this working for the ladies out there with an individual bottle of cranberry juice and mini vodkas. The possibilities are endless!

Whether you’re four or forty, this just seems like fun. Bonus points, no helium required, just good ole fashioned air.

And although boozy cupcakes are sure to be a hit, in case your kids or a non-drinking person wants a little something to eat while you celebrate, these mini brownie ice cream sundaes are sure to hit the spot and they’re SO cute. There’s also a cookie dough version!!!

We’ll now that I want a drink and a sundae, I’m off to tackle the day before the weekend officially begins. Hope you have a great one!

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