Finally Able to Breathe

Studying for boards. Check.
Studying some more. Check.
Boards actually completed. Check.
Ben’s 3rd birthday. Check.
I feel like I can finally breathe. Last night was the first night I didn’t have anything I had to get done. Could I have cleaned the house and got caught up on laundry, sure. Did I have to do it, no. And that is a great feeling. I’m pretty sure I was asleep by 8:45pm.
Now that everything else is done, it’s full steam ahead on wedding planning. With just 3 months to go, I’m tying up the loose ends and making sure every detail is finalized.
I’ll do an official post about Ben’s bday party tomorrow, but yesterday was his little party at school. Him and his friends ate cupcakes, fruit snacks, and Ben beamed from ear to ear as everyone sang Happy Birthday to him.

The rest of the afternoon was spent hanging out just the two of us. We rode the train at the mall and then enjoyed the 65 degree weather at the park.
And since it was dark by the time we got home from the park, dinner consisted of a picnic on the floor.
Tonight we are headed to see Sesame Street Live as part of Ben’s birthday present from my parents. 
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