Everyday Happenings

We celebrated J’s grandma’s birthday with pizza, cake, and lots of grandkids. I also failed my 1 hour glucose test but thankfully I went the next day for the 3 hour and passed! 
Last week I came down with a horrible cold. Normally when I get a cold I push through it but this one was bad. Thursday morning I woke up and my throat was on fire, I couldn’t stop blowing my nose, and my eyes were watering non-stop. I may have broken down and cried at one point. 
 By Sunday I was feeling much better and Ben and I caught a movie and enjoyed the beautiful weather we’ve been having with a trip to the park.
We also had a play date with Ben’s cousin. And just as I was feeling 100% better, Ben came down with a stomach bug. Thankfully it only lasted 24 hours but we were all exhausted from being up every hour during the middle of the night. This is maybe the 3rd time in his whole life he’s thrown up and it was pitiful. Hopeful this is all the sickness for awhile!

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