Easter Activities

I love Easter. Jesus, Spring, Eggs, Bunnies, what’s not to love! Leading up to Sunday, we soaked in all things Easter. 
Normally we visit Santa and the Easter Bunny at our local mall, but this year we decided to go to Bass Pro instead. Not only did we see the Bunny, but there was also an egg hunt in the store.
The wait for the Easter Bunny was about 30 minutes, but totally worth it. I mean, how cute is this picture?! Ben and I had to have a little discussion about how the Easter Bunny was not like Santa after he proceeded to tell it all the things he wanted in his basket.
After Bass Pro we went over to my sister’s house to dye eggs.
And then dyed even more back at our house. This was the first year Ben was able to dye the eggs pretty much all on his own.
He even wrote his name on one.
And we made an egg for the new baby.
J made a Spiderman one which turned out to be Ben’s favorite.
Later that week Ben did a flashlight Easter Egg Hunt. We tried to sign up for this last year, but it sold out fast. Although it wasn’t dark enough to need flashlights when his age group went, he still thought it was neat to be in the park so late.
Ready, Set…
Easter Day Recap coming up next!

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