Easter Weekend 2015

Anyone else been busy picking up every last strand of easter grass and the foil from those little chocolate covered eggs. Whoever created these things obviously doesn’t have children. Or they hate parents everywhere.
We started off our easter festivities earlier in the week with an egg hunt at a local park. We were also supposed to do a flashlight egg hunt but it got rained out.
We tried a new tie-dye egg kit this year and they turned out so cute. Ben was able to help with every step of the process and Jack was able to help with dying but not before he managed to sneak a lick of the color tablet while I was getting the eggs from the kitchen. You know he’s a second child when I didn’t immediately call poison control. Good thing those kits are non-toxic.
You would have thought Easter morning was Christmas with how early the boys got up. 

Of course Jack immediately went for the food. And Olaf.

After baskets and a low key breakfast we headed to church where I let both boys stay upstairs for the sermon. They did pretty well overall but ended up playing (silently) on the floor towards the end.
We hosted lunch for my side of the family and I served this cheese tray as an appetizer. I’ve wanted a chalkboard tray like this forever and was going to DIY one when I found this gem for a $1 at a church garage sale!
That evening we celebrated with J’s side of the family. J’s aunt lives in the country so the kids roam all through the yard making sure they didn’t forget a single egg especially since those eggs always have money in them:)
And this is what we’re left with after all the eggs and baskets. Who wants to come trick or treating in April?
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