“Love” Valentine Using Hand & Foot Prints

During our snow days last week the boys and I made Valentines for some very special people. After browsing Pinterest for inspiration, I knew I wanted to do something using the boys’ hands and feet, but also not overly complicated or time consuming. 
What You Need:
-Pink and red acrylic paint

What To Do:
1. Using the paint brush, draw an “L” and “E” on the paper and let it dry completely.
Note: If you’re doing this with two kids, I suggest doing the handprint for the older kids and footprint for the younger. Bigger kids have bigger feet which might not fit on the paper and have you tried to get a baby to open their palm flat to get a handprint. Not happening. 

2. Paint the hand making sure to get all the crevices and lines covered with paint. Press the hand on the paper after the “L.”
3. Repeat step two but with the foot and press it down before the “E.” If you’re doing a baby’s print I would suggest putting them in a high chair. We made 8 valentines so I did this 8 times and by the end Jack was done and I was sweating, but no paint ended up on either of us or the furniture so I call that a success!
A bank and snack also helped!
Once everyone was cleaned up I wrote the kids’ name and age on the print.

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