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    4th of July Weekend Recap

    This year was one of my favorite 4th of Julys. I took off work Thursday and Friday so we had an extra long weekend. We spent a lot of time with friends and family and it was nice not having anything we had to do. To kick off the holiday I made a Triple Berry Pie complete with hand cut stars which is why they look a little wonky.

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    Spring Break + Easter Recap 2018

    The weather was anything but spring-like during our Spring Break this year. I’m looking at you snow on Easter. Despite cold temperatures and several days of clouds, we made the most of it including a day trip to Kansas City where we surprised Ben with indoor skydiving.

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    DIY Shamrock Marshmallow Stamp

    Every year around St. Patrick’s Day I start saying, “Top of the morning to you,” in my best Irish accent which is actually pretty terrible. Anyone else do this? No? Since I won’t be fooling anyone as a true Irishman, I’ve got a festive DIY that will help you and your child get in the St. Patrick’s Day mood.

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    Valentine’s Day Weekend 2018

    Happy Tuesday which feels like a Monday since I had yesterday off for President’s Day. Before I recap our long weekend, let’s back up to Valentine’s day. We don’t go super crazy with the boys’ Valentines, just a little candy and a small toy. J got me two dozen roses from our local grocery store. They looked waaay better than the more expensive ones he bought last year from a big name florist.

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    Christmas 2017

    Before we get too far into the New Year I wanted to make sure I shared our Christmas Recap. We spent Christmas Eve with my husband’s family starting with lunch at my mother-in-law’s house. She just remodeled her basement and it was the perfect cozy place for unwrapping presents and setting up all 1,742 new toys.