Weekend Recap

A Busy Family Weekend

This past weekend was spent hanging out as a family and checking several things off my to do list.
J redesigned Ben’s Thomas the Train track and he couldn’t have been more thrilled!
We ran a few errands including a trip to Sams Club and the grocery store. I wanted to make sure I got all the ingredients so I could make these bad boys. I got the recipe from Pinterest and were going to make them for dinner, but decided they should be breakfast potatoes.
 I’m always getting samples in the mail so I save the ones we will use and stockpile the ones we won’t. Then we put together these little baggies filled with things like shampoo, body wash, floss, etc and take them to our local women’s shelter.
I also created this fall wreath inspired by Cassie over at Hi, Sugarplum!
Sunday Ben woke up bright and early (thank you time change) and we headed off to church.
Last but not least, I finally found my bridesmaid dresses and I’m happy to report that they all like it, or at least that’s what they’re telling me.
I think it’s simply, classy, and even something they could wear again. Btw, I also got to try my dress on again as it arrived a few weeks ago. Good news? I still love it:)

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  • Robin

    Oh man, there are so many awesome things about this post! I just had to comment!
    First off, Ben is adorable and I LOVE his OOTD photo! What a stud muffin. I also love how by switching the train tracks on his toy, it is kind of like having a whole new toy!
    Bridesmaid dress=adorable and classy.

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