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A Bittersweet Ending

Finally after years of being in school I am finishing my Masters degree in Social Work.  It seems like I’ve been in school forever, but I’m actually one of those people who doesn’t mind school. I’m kind of a nerd in the sense that I really do like learning, but I could do without the test and papers. I graduated in 2008 with two bachelors degrees, one in Human Development and Family Studies and the other in Social Work. Social Work was my main focus, but I figured having a degree in HDFS would be a nice complement.

After graduating I knew that I would get my Masters in Social Work since it’s pretty much a necessity in the field. On a side note, whatever happened to the good old days where graduating high school was a big deal, then it was college, now it seems like every degree requires a masters.

When I began applying to different grad schools little did J and I know that God had a little surprise in store for us. I found out just before moving to Chicago for grad school at Loyola that I was pregnant. Long story short, we didn’t move, I enrolled at MU and then took some time off once I had Ben. And even though it was hard, I went back to complete my full time, 40 hour a week unpaid practicum this past January, which is now coming to an end on Thursday. I’ll talk more about that experience in an upcoming post, but for now enjoy the pics of me from a couple of years ago at my undergrad graduation.

Although we didn’t know it, Ben was already growing in my tummy:)

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