It’s a blog!

Yes, it’s official! I have started a blog. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now and after reading so many other fabulous blogs I thought now was a great time to start.  There have been a lot of changes lately in our little lives, and I want to be able to document it for us to look back on over the years.

I hope this blog will become a journal and timeline of our lives; what we’ve done, what we like, and our journey overall as a family.  Speaking of family, you might be wondering about my little fam.  Well, let’s see… there is me, my man, and our adorable son Ben who is almost 16 months old, and then of course both of our wonderful parents, siblings, grandparents, and other extended family that we wish we got to see more often!  The one downfall of starting a blog now is that I wish I would done this from the moment Ben was born, but oh well, I have many scrapbooks filled with pictures of his little life that will just have to do. The more I blog, the more I hope you’ll get to know about us and tomorrow I have a fun post that will do just that!

Will you get a look at that baby?!?!

Now look at what a giant he has become-still equally precious:)

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