As of Late

What’s been going on this past month?
Ben finally got a matching umbrella for his rain boots.
We enjoyed some 80 degree days and Ben “worked” on his bike.
Doing a little water color painting
This has been burning non-stop. I may never go back to Yankee after using Bath & Body Works candles. The smell fills up our entire house even when it’s not lit.
Cousins made sure Cookie Monster had his fill of play-doh.
I celebrated a birthday and J got me this new beauty.
We went to our first festival of the fall season.
And of course we made sure to polish up on our Rock Band skills. In our pajamas. 

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  • Megan

    So I think since you went private, my thing at the bottom of my page doesn't tell me you've written a new post anymore. So for 2 months I've been wondering why the heck you haven't posted! Glad to see you really have been. Now to see what you did in October!

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