A Turtle Filled Halloween

I didn’t intentionally plan to have the boys’ costumes match but it was adorable that they did. Ben has wanted to be a Ninja Turtle (Leonardo) for the longest time. I knew I wanted to dress Jack up but I kept going back and forth between a lion and an elephant and couldn’t make up my mind. Luckily I came across this turtle costume and knew it was meant to be.
I present to you my Ninja Turtle and Tiny Turtle.
I love how Ben is holding Jack’s hand.
We ate dinner at my parent’s house and then went trick or treating in their neighborhood. Is my niece not the most adorable Pocahontas you’ve ever seen? 
The day before Halloween my work had a Halloween party for our clients and several staff brought their children as well. Some of my co-workers also happened to dress up as Ninja Turtles and luckily for Ben they were missing Leonardo.
Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!

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