Weekend Recap

Weekend Thoughts

My two year old took his diaper off and ran around the house dancing and singing Let It Go. It was pretty darn cute. Until he climbed up on the couch and pooped. And then somehow got it on his foot. And walked around. So that was fun.

My 6 year old has also had the worst attitude this past week. So bad I almost made him clean up the poop. If this is an indication of what he’ll be like at 16 one of us is not going to make it.

My computer’s hard-drive is also full making uploading pictures impossible hence no real weekend recap, not that you want to see pics of a sassy 6 year old or crap. I’m headed out of town for work for a few days and I’m hoping the time away will give me a chance to re-charge my patience and Google “how to keep your kids from growing up to be aholes.”

Anyway…enough of my petty little problems. And before you start commenting-be grateful, at least they’re healthy, they’re only little once, etc, etc. I know. Just needed to keep it real today.

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