Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Saturday morning I helped at my work’s annual Bowling For Autism event. Usually Ben comes and bowls but this year was our biggest one yet and all of the lanes were completely full. We had a great time watching families and friends bowl together and we raised a lot of money for autism services.
Although he didn’t learn to bowl, Jack did learn how to finger paint himself with spaghetti sauce during dinner.
Speaking of food, I watched the documentary Just Eat It on MSNBC. It’s about all the food that goes to waste in this country and it was pretty fascinating and definitely makes you think twice about throwing away “old” food or getting take out because there’s “no food in the house.”
I wore my new Old Navy dress for the first time and loved it. It literally feels like wearing pajamas and was $15. At that price I also picked up the black one. It runs pretty tts and I’m wearing a medium.  

Other things I didn’t get a picture of was Ben’s baseball practice and dinner out for my dad’s birthday Sunday night. Happy Birthday Dad! I hope you all had a great weekend!
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      Thank you:) Old Navy has TONS of cute stuff right now. You should check out the documentary when you have time. We're also really guilty of throwing lots of stuff away especially if I've just gone to the store and am making room for the new stuff:/

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