Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Well hello there Monday. May you be quick and full of lots of good things!

How was everybody’s weekend. I knocked out quite a few things this weekend including finishing painting our playroom, cleaning up my Instagram account (follow me here) and trying out a recipe from Pinterest that had been pinned way too long ago. It ended up being a hit for 3 out of the 4 of us. Spoiler alert, it wasn’t the children that didn’t like it. Insert eye roll emoji. In case you are looking for something new, this White Cheese & Chicken Lasagna was all sorts of cheesy and pretty easy to make, but be prepared it makes way more than 6 servings.
I had great intentions of doing my first vlog this weekend and managed to film Friday, but it was downhill from there. You’ll still see some of that footage in an upcoming haul video if that’s your sorta thing.
Saturday morning was our usual doughnut trip (btw, not the ideal way to pack the box) and I cleaned the house while the boys came behind me and messed it back up. 
I was also thisclose to finishing up the paint job in the playroom when I ran out of paint so off to Lowes I went. The kids actually sat on the couch in the playroom while I painted and managed not to cover their bodies in Mindful Gray so kuddos to them.

Sunday morning came way too early which meant I got to see the beautiful sunrise and the Starbucks drive thru line.
That afternoon we headed to a birthday party where the kids had a blast running wild and I had a blast watching them. 
Not pictured is laundry, homemade tacos & cheese dip, & Jack peeing on the floor while daddy was literally one foot away from him. And that’s why I don’t take showers. Often.
I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. If you think about it could you all say a little pray for me this week. I have a lot of things coming up and some hard and hopefully big decisions to make. I’m excited, nervous, and hesitant about what’s to come and I’m striving to live out this verse. 
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