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Weekend Recap {8th Birthday Edition}

Guys, I officially have an 8 year old. And I look way too young for it 🙂 Ben turned 8 yesterday and we celebrated all day long, but before I get too carried away, let’s back up a bit.
Thursday night we wen’t to the women’s basketball game and while Ben enjoyed it, Jack was more focused on his Dip n Dots. Can’t say I blame him. 
I posted this on my Instagram, but Friday at work we filmed a video for one of our programs and I also got to do the voice over for it. Now all I need is an animated movie. 
Friday night was super low key and I managed to read a few more chapters in The Good Girl. If you haven’t read it yet, add it to your list. I also managed to eat a leftover cupcake from Ben’s birthday celebration at school.
Saturday was spent running errands including haircuts for the boys and a trip to Sam’s. I’m trying monthly meal planning for February so we’ll see how it goes. That night we went to Mexican for dinner. Queso for the kids, strawberry margarita for the parents.
And despite his face, he wasn’t actually in pain. 
Don’t mind the vodka and orange juice 🙂
Sunday Ben turned the big 0-8. He picked Smoothie King for breakfast and then his friend/neighbor came over and played until it was time for his party. This year the party was at a gym and the kids did different warrior games and timed races. Everyone had lots of fun and the birthday boy was so excited about all the Pokemon cards he got. One of his little girl friends told him, I got you this pack, and I reaalllyyy wanted to keep it, but my mom said no. It seems like all the kids are obsessed with Pokemon right now. 
After the party, we ordered pizza back at our house and J’s mom, brother, and niece came over. We gave Ben our gifts and the kids played with all the new toys. This was one honestly one of my favorite birthdays. Ben was so excited, he was grateful for each gift, and everyone just had a really good time. It’s so neat to see him mature with each birthday that passes, but also bitter sweet that he’s growing up so fast. 
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