Wedding Wednesday

65 days and counting….holy cow. I remember when it was 300 days and thinking it was so far away.
People are always asking me if I’m nervous and my response is that I’m nervous for the wedding but definitely not the marriage.
J and I have been together 5 years and with the little surprise that was Ben, we were forced into a marriage like relationship even though we aren’t technically married. The honeymoon phase in our relationship is long over. I know what kind of father J is. Our relationship is far from perfect, but we’re committed to each other and to our family and we’ve done that without being married. With that being said, I’m looking forward to calling J my husband, to sport our wedding bands, and to legally and officially claim half his stuff. I kid. Maybe:)
I am nervous about all of the finals details coming together. One thing that has helped calm my nerves is making to do list after to do list. Let’s take a look at the latest version of the to-do list shall we?
  • Order cake
  • Decide on and order party favors Ordered those today. It may or not involve food. We didn’t want to give our guests some little trinket they would never use again and who doesn’t love food.
  • Re-new passport (me)
  • Get passport (J)
  • Order and get measurements for Tuxedos
  • Finish buying bridesmaid gifts
  • Pick out bridesmaid jewelry
  • Order bubbles for after ceremony Done. I even found silver bubble containers to go with our silver and black colors.
  • Pick out flower arrangements Appointment this Friday.
  • Finish registering
  • Order wedding rings
  • Find bridal shower dress
  • Find bridal luncheon dress
  • Find rehearsal dinner dress
  • Finalize rehearsal dinner details Although my MIL is graciously doing this, I am way to OCD to give her full control:) Best part, she loves me anyway.
  • Plan bridal luncheon-decide on menu
  • Order “guest book” Found ours on Etsy. We’re not doing the traditional guest book and once it arrives I will show you all what it looks like.
  • Address and mail invitations. The final ones were addressed today.
Our invitations. Yes we used labels instead of hand writing them. I know some people say that’s a big no no, but times, they are a changing. And although they look white in the picture we used clear labels which I think still makes them look classy.
And you may be wondering why our invitation is to the President. Well for all you future brides, did you know that if you mail the President your wedding invitation they will send you back a personalized letter? Pretty cool huh? Unless you don’t like the current President. Then you may need to convince your groom to push the wedding back another 4 years.
Happy Wednesday! A big Happy Birthday to all the Leap Year Babies!

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