Ben’s 3rd Birthday Party

It’s been almost a month since Ben’s 3rd birthday party and I’m just now posting about it. 
Ben chose a Thomas the Train themed party and although my love for character themed parties is luke warm, with the help of the internet, particularly Pinterest, I’ve learned you can take any party, even ones with talking trains, and make it somewhat chic. Somewhat.

This will probably be the last year we do a family only party since Ben is getting older and making more friends at school. I’m thinking we’ll do something like the Little Gym next year and a bonus-no clean up at our home.
I had done a chili and toppings bar for a friend’s baby shower earlier this year and re-created it for Ben’s birthday. 
J’s aunt helping him test out his new bike from GiGi(great-grandma)
Family Pic Take 1.
Family pic Take 2. I digress. 
And a trip down memory lane. 
1st Birthday
2nd Birthday.
3rd Birthday
Happy Birthday little man. I can’t believe you are already 3. 

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