Wedding Wednesday-Engagement Pictures

Wedding countdown: 115 days. 115 days people!
I know it’s getting close because the wedding dreams have started.
I get married in jeans.

I get my cake from the local grocery store. Last minute. And it only feeds 8 people.

I cancel the wedding because the limo doesn’t show up.
Let’s hope all of these things stay in my dreams.
Things are progressing right along and as soon as our Save the Dates arrive they will be off in the mail. I realize it’s getting almost to the point of too late to send them out but I don’t care. It’s my wedding and I’ll do what I want:)
And as if blogs aren’t self absorbent enough, our engagement pics arrived and I’m forcing you all to look at some of our favorite pictures of me…and J.
All photos are by Catherine Rhodes Photography. Go check her out if you want to be self absorbent like us and get pics of yourself:)


  • Megan

    Love them! Pretty sure I had the cake-from-the-grocery-store dream too. It'll be okay! Luckily, on the big day I got the "I'm getting married today so the small things don't matter" attitude… Except when I didn't get to do our awesome walking intro to our wedding dance because he played it too soon without us knowing. Still a little bitter about that 🙂

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