Goals & Resolutions

A Month of Love

Happy first day of February! This month is all about l-o-v-e which I think we can all agree our country needs a little more of. I’ve really been struggling with everything happening in our country lately and how divided we all seem to be. Regardless of who you voted for or what your political affiliation may be, it’s important to remember that people just want to feel loved, valued, and respected. 
So, instead of complaining, crying, or sitting back and doing nothing, I’ve decided to make the most of this month and focus on loving others. Whether it’s my own family or a stranger, I’m vowing to do at least one act of kindness for the entire month of February. This can look like giving grace to your child when they’re having a bad day, paying for the person behind you in the drive thru line, or donating unused items to a women’s or refugee shelter. Big or little, just one thing a day to show someone else, that despite what’s out of our control, we can choose to spread love and kindness. 
Who wants to join me? I’ll be posting updates here as well as Instagram so follow along or tag me in your acts of kindness.

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