Summertime in Branson

I just love Branson. I’ve gone several times with family and friends and always have a blast. In fact, Mrs. Bojangles and I took a few trips to Branson way back in our childfree days. 
A few months ago my work had a silent auction fundraiser and I bid on and won a Branson package. Ben was so excited to go on a mini vacation and what better time since Summer is coming to an end. J had to work so my parents tagged along and off we went.
We left Friday afternoon and made the nearly 4 hour car ride down to Branson. Ben was so good in the car watching The Lorax and taking a little nap.
Before we knew it we arrived at the hotel and of course had to test out the swimming pool. 
After swimming we got ready and went to the Branson Landing for dinner. The landing has shops, restaurants, and play areas for kids. It’s all outside, sits right on the river, and it’s pedestrian only so kids can run around.
Saturday was Silver Dollar City and we were all excited about it. All week Ben talked about how he wanted to ride the roller coasters. Turns out he didn’t really like them after all. I pretty much forced him to ride the rides, which he was not thrilled about but afterwards all he could talk about was how cool or awesome the ride were. Morale of the story? When you see that mom at the amusement park forcing her screaming child on the ride, don’t judge. Maybe the child just needs a gentle push nudge to realize they might like it if they just try it. 
So excited after riding the raft water ride.
After SDC we got ready, went to dinner, and then played Ben’s first game of mini golf. I’m proud to report that mini golf went over much better than the roller coasters.
After packing up and checking out of the hotel Sunday morning, we made a stop at Krispy Kreme donuts. We watched how the donuts were made and then got to try one fresh off the line.
After the sugary donuts we headed to the fish hatchery. The hatchery grows thousands and thousands of trout and releases them into the river. Inside the hatchery were large aquariums.
Outside were tanks full of fish you could feed. You can see the Dam in the background.
I have never seen so many small fish in such a close space before. They created quite a splash when food was thrown in.
I love this picture of Ben and my dad.
We stopped at Lambert’s for lunch on the way home since my parents and Ben have never eaten there. Lamberts is best known for their “throwed rolls” just be careful your 3 year old doesn’t catch one with his forearm. They’re hot!
They’re also known for huge servings and salads the size of your head.
By this time we were missing J quite a bit so he decided to meet us at Miner Makes at the Lake of the Ozark. We played games, rode the bumper cars, and Ben convinced him to ride the Ferris Wheel.
Branson was so much fun and it makes me even more excited for Disney this November. Here’s to hoping Ben will grow to love roller coasters a little bit more before then!

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