• Life

    I Failed.

    Alright folks. As much as I love posting about the joys of my life and how great things are, I live a real life where, let’s face it, things aren’t always so great. It doesn’t get much realer than what I’m about to post… I didn’t pass my BCBA boards. To know it is one thing, but to write it for the whole blog world to read is another. My ego needs one of these. The worst part about failing? I only missed passing by a few points. If I’m going to fail I’d rather it be a big one. Knowing I was so close sucks. Apparently, I chose the hardest…

  • Life

    So Long

    Last night marked the 2nd of two going away dinners I’ve attended recently for co-workers who are leaving. This one was particularly sad however because not only is Anna leaving work, but she’s moving to a different city two hours away. I’m so excited for her and all the things the future holds. We will miss you Anna!

  • Life

    A Flock.

    What a cute sight outside my office building. A nice gaggle of geese. That is until they pooped everywhere. Including the walkway to the entrance. Damn geese. Fly South. It’s Winter.

  • DIY

    More Than Co-Workers + DIY Stone Magnets

    It’s always great to have coworker that you can stand like. It’s even better when those co-workers become really great friends outside of work. Last weekend my friend & coworker Megan had a Chrismaduation party celebrating the holidays and her completion of a Masters in Health Administration. We had such a blast and it was great to just sit around and talk with good friends. And what a better way to show my friends just how much I love them than with Christmas presents. Being Martha crazy lately, I wanted to make personalized gifts for each person. These handmade magnets were personalized with each person’s favorite things and pretty easy to make.…