• Fall Activities

    Fall at the St. Louis Zoo

    Since I had to be at the 1/2 marathon at the crack of dawn, J and I along with my family went to St. Louis the day before and stayed the night. The weather was in the 70’s and it was the perfect day for walking around at the zoo. Apparently everyone else had the same idea and although it was packed, we had a great time and Ben got to do his favorite thing, ride the train. The baby elephants were so darn cute. And because I’m all about the nostalgia, here is our family pic in the same spot in 2009. Ben was 7 1/2 months old. Riding…

  • Health & Fitness

    I survived 13.1

    I did you guys. I completed my first 1/2 marathon. I’ll do a full recap once I get all the pictures uploaded, but I made it. And here is the teeny tiny picture proof. Without my medal. Because they ran out. WTF. It should be mailed out soon but dang, I WANTED THAT MEDAL!!! Thank you to everyone who supported me not only on that day but throughout my training. I couldn’t have done it without your encouragement:)

  • Kids

    Yo Gaba Gaba Live

    When I heard Yo Gaba Gaba Live was coming to St. Louis I knew we had to get tickets since Ben is obsessed with the show. More than obsessed actually. We fit as many things we could into our day in St. Louis including our trip to the City Museum. After the museum we headed over to the arena for the show and despite playing his little heart out earlier, Ben was ready to see his favorite characters.  His face was like this the whole time and his eyes were glued to the stage. The adult’s favorite part was definitely Biz Markie. Fun Fact: Did you know DJ Lance is originally from…

  • Travel

    St. Louis City Museum

    This weekend was a 2 year old’s dream. If you haven’t been to the City Museum in St. Louis you’re seriously missing out. This museum is way less of a museum and way more like a science center, play area, and big building of fun. And because I could never possibly tell you about everything they have go to their website here to learn more.  You know you’re in a cool place when there’s a school bus and Ferris Wheel on the roof.  I highly recommend wearing tennis shoes and comfortable clothing. There are lots of areas to climb, crawl, and slide through and you’ll want to be comfortable.  And when you…

  • Kids

    Zoo Day

    Ben’s school was closed on Monday and I decided to take a much needed vacation day. I had promised Ben the whole week before that I would take him to the zoo and of course as the day arrived, it was rainy and cold. But not wanting to disappoint a two year and his love for animals, we braved the cold, bundled up, and headed out. Ben did so great on the 2 hour car ride. I told him the zoo was far away and occasionally he would look up from watching Stewart Little to see if he could see the zoo. By the time we arrived the rain had…