St. Louis City Museum

This weekend was a 2 year old’s dream. If you haven’t been to the City Museum in St. Louis you’re seriously missing out. This museum is way less of a museum and way more like a science center, play area, and big building of fun. And because I could never possibly tell you about everything they have go to their website here to learn more. 
You know you’re in a cool place when there’s a school bus and Ferris Wheel on the roof. 
I highly recommend wearing tennis shoes and comfortable clothing. There are lots of areas to climb, crawl, and slide through and you’ll want to be comfortable. 
And when you find yourself feeling hot and needing a break from the screaming kids, head to the rooftop where you’ll find even more activities. 
One of the coolest things is an old school bus that hangs over the edge of the building. You can go inside it and obviously this guy wasn’t afraid in the least bit. 
He also wasn’t afraid to slide down this enormous outdoor slide.
The best part is that when it’s time to leave your kid will be so worn out that you are sure to have a quiet car ride home. 

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