Zoo Day

Ben’s school was closed on Monday and I decided to take a much needed vacation day. I had promised Ben the whole week before that I would take him to the zoo and of course as the day arrived, it was rainy and cold. But not wanting to disappoint a two year and his love for animals, we braved the cold, bundled up, and headed out.
Ben did so great on the 2 hour car ride. I told him the zoo was far away and occasionally he would look up from watching Stewart Little to see if he could see the zoo. By the time we arrived the rain had passed minus a few sprinkles.
It took a lot of convincing that these seals were not real and I’m still not 100% sure he believed me.
One fish, two fish
We’ve been to the zoo twice before, but this was the first time we’ve gone to the children’s petting zoo. They had lots of cute animals but why is it that the goat is the go to petting zoo animal? Has anyone else noticed that?
While on the train Ben reached over and grabbed my hand and said, “Love you momma.” Melted my heart.
The Meerkats were a highlight of our trip considering MeerKat Manor is a huge hit show in our house right now.
Somewhere in my parent’s house is this same picture of me sitting on this exact monkey.

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