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Summer Bucket List {Review}

Now that Summer is officially over it’s time to see how we did with our Summer Bucket List.

1. Watch a movie in the park RAINED OUT. TWICE.

2. Go berry picking DONE
You can read about our trip here. Next year I hope we can go earlier in the season before most of the strawberries are already picked.

3. Finish the upper and lower patios Ha!

But we did re-do the guest bathroom on the main floor as well as the playroom. This item will be moving to our Fall Bucket list when the temperatures have cooled down.
4. Play in the rain NOPE
Not sure why we didn’t get to this but the kids just never seemed all that interested in doing it.
5. Visit a winery DONE
And with little time to spare. We went to a festival over this past weekend and even got to crush grapes with our feet!

6. Celebrate all those fun “national” days (cheese day, tequila day, etc) DONE
We made sure not to miss National Custard Day, but I think we also celebrated muffin day and maybe S’mores day?

7. BBQ at our neighborhood pool NOPE
8. Paint the rest of our house SEE #3
9. Have a girls night in DONE
Although I failed to document it and it was very very low key.
10. Host an end of Summer party NOPE
11. Find and make the perfect grilled shrimp recipe DONE
Not sure if it’s the perfect one since it’s the only one I’ve tried, but it is super delicious and I’ve made it several times.

12. Go to the State Fair DONE
We went with my mother in law, brother in law, and niece and had almost perfect weather!

13. Camp in our living room DONE
This was probably one of my favorite things we did this Summer. The boys LOVED it and have asked to do it again already.

14. Eat as many snow cones as possible DONE
We got a few visits in to our favorite snow cone joint, but the owners of it were moving out of town and shut it down a lot sooner than we thought-like the end of July. We are all really sad we never got to go one last time. Like legit sad. Is that pathetic?

15. Star gaze at the planetarium DONE

I may have liked this a little more than the kids but Ben thought seeing the rings on Saturn was pretty cool and we also got to see Mars, the Moon, and some stars.

16. Go on some mini day trips DONE
Besides berry picking and the state fair, Ben and I took a trip to Six Flags, and we also visited the largest tree in MO/largest Burr Oak Tree in the nation.

17. Visit the Farmer’s Market DONE

18. Make homemade pizza-crust and all DONE
They weren’t pretty, but they were edible 😉 Now I want to tackle a thin crust recipe.

19. Try at least three new Summer cocktails FAIL
But just because there wasn’t any new cocktails doesn’t mean there wasn’t cocktails. I did make one new one but it was nothing worth blogging about.
20. Make homemade ice cream NOPE
But again, just because we didn’t make it doesn’t mean we didn’t eat it.

And this isn’t even everything we’ve done this Summer! I’m hoping to recap the rest of our Summer before we get too much into fall. As much fun as we had this season I’m really looking forward to the cooler weather, pumpkins, and all things FALL!

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