Remember how I often write about how sweet and perfect this little man is?

Well albeit sweet and perfect, he also has incredibly stinky feet. Like really bad. Like walk into a room and know that he has definitely taken his shoes off kinda bad. Like I feel sorry for your future wife kinda bad.
We have tried everything. Of course there is the daily sometimes multiple times per day baths and showers. It’s so bad that J now washes Ben’s feet the minute he comes home from pre-school.
We’ve bought all kinds of shoes, but the shoes aren’t the problem. It’s what goes into those shoes. J and I do not have particularly stinky feet. I would even go as far and say that we have rather good smelling feet-okay that may be a bit far stretched, but they are at least neutral-no smell-good or bad. How our son ended up with ten little piggies that smell like a few of them have rotted and died I have no idea.
Thankfully, in 20 years when Ben’s worried about how to tell his future wife about this problem all he’ll need to do is direct her here. The blog post where his mom decided to write about his stinky feet and memorialize it forever for the whole world to read.

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