Happy Birthday to Me

Let me just start off by saying that I am spoiled. My friend Melissa might tell you that when we were younger I would start crying if I didn’t get my way or something I wanted. She is a big.fat.liar. Don’t listen to her. There is a difference between being spoiled and being a spoiled brat and although I’m definitely the first one, I truly appreciate everything.
That being said, I had a great birthday filled with lots of celebration. Friday at work I received these from my wonderful mother.

When I came home I was greeted with this from J.
And just what was in my little pink bag? Beatles Rock Band and a day at the spa. Major points for J
on that one. I can’t wait to get pampered. Usually I get some kind of Apple product and although I love each new version of the i-pod, a girl only needs so many. 
Someone else seemed to enjoy the fact that it was my birthday because with a birthday comes a birthday cake.
“Which should I eat first, cake or icing?”
“What the heck, I’ll just have this big piece right here.”
“oh man, I think I missed a little bit of frosting.”
What I like to call the, “Give your mom a birthday kiss, aka Why you shouldn’t trust a toddler with a fist full of cake” montage.
Later that night J and I went to dinner and saw, The Social Network, which was actually pretty good.
On Saturday we went over to my mom and dad’s for lunch and yet another birthday cake. 
I heart them.
And as if all the celebrating wasn’t enough, we also had a little birthday celebration on Sunday with J’s side of the family. This past week was also his cousin Michelle’s birthday and his brother’s birthday is on Friday so we got all three out of the way at the same time. J’s aunt always has her house decorated so cute, especially during the fall. Trying to take a picture of all the cousins together is quite hysterical.
Trey(in the red) is the oldest of all the kids. Could he look any more thrilled to be in the picture?
Ben wasn’t really feeling the whole pose for a picture thing this year. 
Last year, 2009
Could you not just eat him up? Minus the huge drool spot on his shirt.
After the pictures we ate dinner, followed by cake of course, and more presents. 
Ben decided to make up his own rules of pool.
He also went up and down this slide about a hundred times.
These two cannot be trusted to be alone. They grabbed a fistful of M&M’s that melted all over their hands.
Overall I had a great birthday, got some wonderful and thoughtful presents, but most importantly I got to spend it with the people I love.

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