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September Goals + Resolutions Update

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it actually feels like September outside. The high is 70 degrees and the low is supposed to be 50! Considering we’re usually sweating well into October, I’m loving the cooler temperatures.
I’m a little burnt out on the season by season bucket lists. Anyone else feeling me? I made a Summer bucket list, but didn’t really stick to it even though we did so many things this Summer. Instead of a list, I thought I’d go back to posting monthly goals and update you on my 2014 Decisions.
First up, let’s check in on the resolutions I made back in January.
One. Family Time
This one’s going pretty well. I’ve gotten to spend lots of one on one time with Ben this Summer (Six flags, ball game, etc) while J and Jack held down the fort at home. J and I were just talking about how much Ben craves attention from him so he plans to step up his alone time with him. As far as J and I, we’ve had several “dates” at home where we’ve ordered a pizza and watched a movie after the boys have gone to bed.
Two. Less negativity 
I think this one’s always a work in progress, but I’m doing better. One thing I’ve definitely gotten better at is not feeding into people’s pity parties. 
Three. Healthy Living
I Obviously didn’t do the half marathon, but I have done a few 5k’s. I take my lunch to work pretty consistently but find it’s really hard on days I’m traveling to see clients all day. I’m drinking soda 5 times a month and while I know that it’s not a lot compared to some people, it’s a complete waste of calories. Why are Dr. Peppers so darn good?
Four. Organization
I’ve managed to sell some of our stuff on Facebook swap groups and I’ve taken several large trash bags full of items to be donated. We’re moving to our new house in June and I refuse to pack and un-pack things we don’t love or need.
Five. Professional Growth
I finally have my work schedule more manageable and I’m not driving home from a client at 10:00 at night. There’s always room to learn and read more and the key for me is finding the balance between keeping up with current work duties and managing to do professional development at the same time.
Six. Personal Growth
Still a work in progress and the goal I probably need to focus on the most. I started a devotional with some other ladies online, but it kind of fizzled out and I didn’t get much out of it. Since Ben started Kindergarten, my time management in the morning has been a lot better, mostly due to the fact that he has to be at school by a certain time.
Seven. Finances
I’m still sticking to a budget and last month we managed to cut down on our eating out/take out by almost $300. J also bought a new car last month and although it adds a car payment since his other car was paid off, his car had almost 200,000 miles on it. As much as I would love a new car too it’s just practical or smart money wise since I drive a ton for work.
Eight. The Blog
The new blog design has been done for awhile and I’m still loving it! I’ve also tried to be better at commenting on the posts I read. I’ve found several new blogs that I absolutely love and have had some great conversations with a few bloggers.
Nine. Fun Fluff
The really important stuff 🙂 I just checked and you’ll be happy to know I’m at level 347 on Candy Crush and my nails are painted.
Here are my specific goals for September:
Here’s to a great month!


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