Weekend Recap

Saturday Ramblings

A weekend post and the weekend isn’t even over yet. Ben is napping, J’s in his office working, and Pretty Woman is on in the background.
Today started off like every typical Saturday until my mom called my sister and I to let us know that my dad had been admitted into the hospital for chest pain. They are running some tests now so hopefully we will get some answers soon.
J was sick all last week with a little bug and I picked up Ben early from school yesterday as he started feeling bad too. Luckily he woke up this morning feeling fine, pronouncing “I not throw up!” I’m hoping all my years of working with germ infested children has given me a super human immune system and I don’t catch anything.
I’m thinking Ben and I may try to have a little date night tonight and cross a few more presents off my Christmas List. I’m dying for him to sit on Santa’s lap, but this is how he reacted to seeing Santa at his preschool so we’ll see. 
Looking back, Santa didn’t seem to be that big of a hit last year either.
And here is one during happier times.
How is your weekend so far? What have you been up to?

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