Too Much.

Can I be honest? I’m feeling super overwhelmed. Life’s not always filled with smiling kids, perfect recipes, and cute outfits. This week has been a sh*t show. 
I feel like the last couple of weeks I just can’t catch up. I’m so overwhelmed and as much as I try to get all my sh*t together, other people and things out of my control seem to get in the way and I don’t like to not be in control. Everyone needs something from me. And they need it now. Clients, friends, family. I also have a real problem with saying no.

 My house needs a good deep cleaning. I know all you moms can relate to this, but it is almost impossible to try and clean a house while children are in it. Not to mention it looks like we’re going to have to take our daycare provider to court for money fraud. So that’s fun. Not to mention finding a new daycare. 
I know things could be worse but sometimes it’s nice to just vent and let it all out. I love this meme 🙂


  • Amber Elliott

    Oh me…I can relate. Seems like more and more is piling on and I can't catch up! I got tickled about the "kids to raise until they send me to the home" that was so funny! My house is in need of a deep clean too and guess what it's not happening this week! It sounds like you need what we used to call when I was teaching "a mental health day." I hope somewhere in there you get some time to relax!

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