Life Update

We have been loving the temperatures lately! 80 degrees is such a nice change from 105. Ben has been so excited to get out of the house and ride his bike until he can’t ride anymore. We’ve gotten to know our new neighborhood quite well and all the streets around us are cul-de-sacs which are perfect for riding bikes.
I’m on week 2 of the fashion challenge. This week I had my most favorite outfit and also an outfit I will definitely not wear again. 
First up, the one I loved.
And the outfit I hated. Just no to the whole thing.
Taking the first outfit from day to night.
We got Ben this Moon night light and J built this lego creation to go on it.
We showed Ben the live footage from the surface of Mars. How cool is it that we can see it on the iPad from our living room.


  • MalloryBo

    The first outfit on the list is my favorite too. I love the colors. Speaking of colors…how the heck does everyone in your neighborhood keep their grass so green when everybody else's yards in town are dead?! Looks beautiful! I can't wait to see the house!

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