Our Fun Filled Fourth

We had a really great fourth which is why I have put off writing about it because there is so much to share!
The biggest difference between this year and last is that Ben is actually old enough to know and somewhat understand what is going on. Last year he was not not quite 6 months and although he starred at the fireworks, he could have cared less.

July 4, 2009

Our holiday started on the 3rd with a trip to our library to sign up for summer reading. Ben LOVES going to the library and always has a blast. We are really lucky to live in a town with a great library. 
He tried to eat that sticker on his shirt as soon as we got in the car. 
That night we went over to my parent’s house to celebrate. We had bbq ribs, pulled pork, baked beans, potato salad, and red velvet cake and no meal’s complete without ice cream. 
We waited for it to get dark and broke out the fireworks. My parent’s live within  the city limits so we aren’t really supposed to shoot any off, but their next door neighbor also happens to be the Chief of Police which definitely has it’s benefits. My dad and J had such a fun time shooting them off while my mom and I tried to corral Ben and keep him from touching them. He was like a moth to a flame and the brighter and sparklier the firework, the more Ben wanted to touch it.
I LOVE this picture and wish the lighting was better. J was showing Ben how to do the snap dragons and he finally learned to throw them hard enough to pop. Ben really laughed when daddy threw them at mommy which of course, is not good firework safety.
It was late when we left my parents and Ben was exhausted and slept in the next morning. On the 4th we went to church and Ben did surprisingly well in the nursery and I was actually able to sit and listen to the sermon in peace. Hallelujah!
That night we went up to see J’s family. Normally everyone goes to his Aunt’s house, but J’s dad wasn’t feeling well so we decided to just go over to his parent’s house and hang out there. J’s brother and his girlfriend came over and he cooked the best ribs ever. Since J’s parents live in the country they shoot off the big fireworks and I mean BIG. It takes about 2 min to drive through J’s hometown and Ben was asleep before we even passed through it. 
One of Ben’s favorite things to do is walk around and look for Jackie, J’s parent’s dog. He is obsessed with this dog and goes around yelling “Jackie, Jackie” and saying, woof woof.
Pretty standard picture these days. Ben tries to squirm away while the other person desperately pleads with him to hold still.
On Monday, we ran some errands and went back over to my parent’s house since J had some much needed work to get done. My parent’s love going to the beach club with Ben so we all went that afternoon and stayed until dinner time. As each year/holiday passes, the more it reminds me that my baby isn’t really a baby any longer. Although I’m sad he’s growing up so fast, it’s also so much fun the to see him taking in the world. I can’t imagine what next year’s fourth will be like. I do know however that I will be making these…
Hope you all had a happy fourth!

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