Pre-Easter Festivities

I’m going to break our Easter into two parts to keep this post from getting ridiculously long with a million pictures of my kid picking up eggs. Let’s face it, if you’re not family it’s probably not that interesting. Heck, even if you are family you’ll probably still be bored.
The night before Easter we boiled our eggs and got to decorating!
J thought it would be a good idea to use the tinniest bowls we have for the dye. Note to self: next year get plastic cups.

I also attempted to make “carrots” from white chocolate, orange food coloring, and strawberries. They turned out less than stellar. Dipping the cold strawberries into the melted the chocolate caused the chocolate to slip right off. I had to resort to clumping the chocolate on in hopes it would take, hence the lumpy looking carrot.
I also made this birthday cake for my sister since we were celebrating her birthday on Easter.
After bath time, Ben finished decorating his eggs with stickers and then it was off to bed to wait for the Easter bunny in the morning.
Easter Part 2 coming tomorrow!

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