Not the food, but rather this cat. 
We first met Snickers at the beginning of Summer when it came to our house looking for food. The cat was so skinny and had the sweetest little meow that we felt so sorry for it and fed it. As we were feeding it we noticed the neighbors up the road walking towards us. They introduced us to Snickers and told us they also fed the cat, whose owners sadly left him/her to fend for itself. We’re still not sure whether Snickers is a boy or girl so we randomly refer to it as both.
Snickers seems to like us more than the neighbors because she promptly waits for us to come home every night so she can eat. And since we don’t have a cat and had no cat food on hand, J went out and bought a big ole bag of it.
Every night Ben comes home and waits anxiously to see if the cat is there. Although he would love to hug and squeeze it, we’re not sure what vaccines he’s had or what other little bugs might be living in that fur so Ben just watches from a distance and talks to the cat about his day before it leaves to roam the neighborhood.
That was until yesterday. When it was 40 degrees and J felt bad that it was so cold and built Snickers this little house out of a Rubbermaid bin complete with a carpet square on the bottom. When I went to the gym at 5 this morning guess who was asleep in her home? 
You might be wondering why we don’t just take Snickers to the vet, get her all cleaned up, and bring her inside. I had cats once and ever since then I start to sneeze and sniffle if I’m around them too much or pet them. We also don’t want to take her to the Human Society because ours is really over crowded and being an older cat her chances of adoption aren’t great. I don’t even want to think about what would happen if she didn’t find a home. We may take her eventually in the future, but right now she seems to be content.


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