4th of July 2012

Our 4th of July was great although it falling in the middle of the week was less than ideal, but at least the week seemed to go by a little faster. 
The night of the 3rd we were supposed to go over to my parent’s house with my sister and her family for BBQ and fireworks but Ben got in some trouble at school that day (like the biting kind of trouble) and he had to stay home and miss out on the BBQ as a consequence. J and I discussed back and forth for an hour about whether or not we should let him go. We didn’t want him to miss the whole holiday but also didn’t want to go back on our consequence so ultimately we decided to take him later on in the night. He was super sad he missed seeing his cousins but I’m happy to report we’ve had no more biting incidents 🙂
My parents live in the city limits so fireworks at their house means smoke bombs, fountains, snap pops, and sparklers.
The afternoon of the 4th we went up to J’s aunts house where Ben decided he was brave enough to jump from the diving board for the first time. 
He’s been taking swim lessons so here’s to hoping the floaties might be able to come off by the end of the summer!

J’s aunt lives in the country so we break out the big ones for her house. While we waited for it to get dark the little kids did smaller fireworks. 

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