I Believe

I believe that everyone, even if you can’t afford it, should have access to quality healthcare. Is the new healthcare mandate the way to do this? I don’t know. But no one should ever be denied coverage because they have diabetes or cancer or are pregnant or can’t afford it. I am fortunate to be offerred healthcare through my job and be able to pay for it. I am also willing to pay a little more so that others may have insurance as well. Maybe the first step is to start with coverage for children. I don’t think any of us would disagree that all children should have this right.
I believe that our country is better than how we act sometimes.
I believe that almost every President has done/is doing the best they can. To truely see a President as a person, father, husband, etc is hard. You may disagree with the beliefs and policies of the President down to your very core and that doesn’t mean they are evil or a bad person. I think George W. Bush’s book is a prime example of this. By reading his book you may just realize that he doesn’t hate black people, but instead may have made some poor decisions and took bad advice. And to do this is to be human.
I believe that no one deserves to be told that God hates them or they are going to hell. We are better than this. God is a God of love.
I believe birth control should be free. End of story. 
I believe that it is our responsibility, as the human race, to take care of one another. The “why should I have to…” attitude goes against everything this country is about. It should go against everything a caring, moral human being is about. There will always be lazy people. Accept it and move on. Be grateful you’re not. The majority of people are good and just doing the best they can.
I believe that there is rarely a news story that is unbiased. Be educated. Watch debates. Don’t base your beliefs off of Facebook posters or what your friend heard on the news.
I believe that people are way more than a political party. Wouldn’t it be great if we voted on an actual issues instead of a party name.
I believe it is everyone’s job to live within their means. If you can’t afford that house, don’t get a loan for it just because you can. Even if the person approving you for it tells you it will be okay.
I believe that minimum wage is impossible to live off of. Statistically, we know it is. And even though I know this, I have no idea how we can actually solve this problem.
I believe that in the United States of America no one should go hungry. Ever. I believe that everyone should have accress to running water. And a refrigerator. And the opportunity to do better than their parents did.
I belive that if everyone had a little bit more compassion, understanding, and tolerance, many of the “big” issues we face today wouldn’t seem so big.
I believe that having faith in people and believing in the best of people is a much better way to live than thinking I don’t owe anyone anything.
I believe that if people saw immigration issues as a form of flattery, it might lighten the mood surrounding it. Are there “bad” people trying to invade our borders and do harm? Of course. But this is nothing new. Many hard working, honest, decent people want to come to our country. Our country, filled with the possiblity of opportunity and a better life. Our country, where we once prided ourselves on diversity instead of being fearful over which ethnicity is “taking over.” Our country that many of us living in only seem to complain about. How lucky we are.
I believe that even though are country is great, we still have lots of work to do. Both as a nation and as individuals.
I believe that no party or President will ever have all the solutions. I belive there are many ways to approach an issue. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. But doing something is better than doing nothing, which is better than wasting energy arguing over who is right.

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