Weekend Recap

Monday’s Musings

Truth be told, I started this post with the intentions of posting it last Monday. Life just gets in the way of blogging sometimes especially when you have a newborn.

Not to start off this post with something depressing, but I can’t believe Kidd Kraddick passed away last weekend. My morning commutes definitely won’t be the same without his early morning commentary. 

Last weekend Ben and his cousin participated in a program at our local state park called Nature Detectives. They learned about different animals and bugs that live in streams and then got to catch some in a river. The kids had so much fun and we will definitely be going back on our own to do this again. 
Back in June Ben attended his first Vacation Bible School. It was surreal watching him attend the same bible school I went to when I was little. The week after it was over he kept asking if he could go back. On the last day, all the kids performed songs they had worked on all week. The theme was Welcome to the SonWest Round Up.
I want a new point and shoot camera so badly. We have a nice Cannon DSLR, but it’s too big to lug around for everyday use. I currently have the Cannon Powershot ELPH 300HS and it’s okay, but not the greatest. Let me know if you have any recommendations?
This weekend I hosted a baby shower for my friend Wendy is having twins (boy and girl) in November.
And last but not least, this little man cracks me up. He’s alert more and more and is starting to make such funny faces.
Happy Monday!

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