Little Bits of Love

I hope you all had a fabulous Valentine’s Day!
Friday night we went to dinner with some friends at our favorite steak place. 
The next morning I took Ben to Barnes and Noble for story time which of course was Valentine’s Day themed. He listened to a few stories, made a card for daddy, and got a special little treat.

Sunday morning we got up bright and early for breakfast with my parents and then headed over to their house so Ben could open his Valentine’s presents.
That afternoon I made these which looked so promising on the box, but mine clearly did not turn out as well as the picture. 
I also put the finishing touches on the Valentine cards Ben’s taking to school. I didn’t want to do the traditional cartoon ones that you buy at the store so I found these cute printables and made my own.
And Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without a gift to my man so I finished that as well.
The idea came from an issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine.You simply glue each envelope to the one above it and then in each slot you put a little something. I decided to do pictures representing our life over the past 4 years. You could also do gift cards, movie ticket stubs, concert tickets, etc.
Since the actual holiday feel on a weekday we didn’t do anything too exciting but tried to make our everyday activities more Valentiney. J got me some beautiful flowers and Ben had a little party at his preschool. It was breakfast for dinner night so I made it as pink and heart shaped as could be.

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