Jack’s 2nd Birthday

I’m back tracking a little bit, but I don’t want to forget to document this important life moment. Jack turned two on June 21st and we threw an Olaf themed bash. He’s still obsessed btw and I think that just may have to be his Halloween costume. I ordered the invitations on ETSY from Once Upon Adorable and I love how they turned out.

Our new neighborhood has a fantastic clubhouse and pool but since we just moved into our new neighborhood, we decided to have the party at our house so family could see the new abode. The move also meant that I kept the food and decorations simple and ordered some water balloons and a slipe n slide off Amazon for the kids (and adults) to play with.
Jack was just so tickled when everyone started singing Happy Birthday to him. He also thought it was hilarious that he ate Olaf’s nose off the cake. He still talks about that to this day.

Enjoying a 2nd piece of cake at his new picnic table.

It took him a few minutes and lots of coaching from the other kids that you slide down the slip n slide and not walk on it.

 Once all the guests left, Jack read his new Olaf book and put on his new Olaf jammies and before we knew it he was passed out from the excitement of the day.

Since his party was on Saturday but his actual birthday was Sunday, we had a small little party for just our family and Jack opened his gifts from us.

I still can’t believe our little baby is so grown up. He continues to be just the sweetest little boy and we can’t imagine what life would be like without him.
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