Goals & Resolutions

Hello 2013!

“Today is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.” 
~Brad Paisley 

2012 was a good year for us. A big year. Our little man turned 3, several of our friends welcomed their sweet babies into the world, we got married and celebrated all the fun festivities that came with it, spent 10 wonderful days in Rome, and we took Ben to see his favorite characters at Disney World. We also said goodbye to J’s grandpa but kept his memory alive during this holiday season. And on top of all of that, there’s all the little moments that were captured on this blog.
I’m ready for the New Year and to get back into our normal routine. We can’t wait to meet the newest addition and complete our family:)
Instead of setting specific goals with arbitrary numbers, this year I’m sticking to simple resolutions. I don’t need to read 50 books this year, I just need to read. Simple resolutions, that I consciously choose to do throughout the year.
Resolution: A firm decision to do or not to do something
My 2013 resolutions:
Be more patient.
Finish decorating our house. Hang family pictures.
Spend more time with my girlfriends.
Have a date night with J at least once a month.
Get new baby’s room ready.
Save more, spend less.
Take a trip with J before the baby comes.
Take one last trip as a family of 3.
Reach my billable hours goal at work.
Only work late one night a week.
Get caught up on scrapbooking.
Blog more often.
Read the bible more often.
Update our household binder. Get together the master organization list.
Bring my lunch to work more often than not.
Do more. Try new things.
And as cliche as it may sound, live this year to the fullest.
May your 2013 be filled with lots of love, laughs, and health!

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