Goals & Resolutions

Year in Review: 2010

In 2010 I:
  • watched my baby turn one year old
  • traveled across 2 states to see Elmo
  • graduated with my Masters degree
  • got a big girl job
  • hung out with old friends
  • made new ones
  • ate lots of delicious food
  • didn’t work out enough
  • laughed and fought with J
  • taught Ben his colors, numbers, and to poop in the potty
  • organized and successfully pulled off the work Christmas party
  • was reminded over and over how much I love J’s family
  • saw J become an uncle for the first time
  • taught a child with autism to talk
  • rode in a limo
  • celebrated my 2nd mother’s day
  • turned another year older
  • saw lady Antebellum and Tim McGraw in concert
  • laughed uncontrollably at things my child said and did
  • cooked and tried to cook a variety of new foods
  • vowed to J I would never cook some recipes again
  • celebrated as close friends got engaged, married, and learned they were pregnant
  • struggled
  • smiled
  • started a blog
  • experienced what life is all about
Cheers to 2011. May it be a wonderful year!

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