Monkeying Around on Halloween

Halloween was such a blast this year. The festivities started a few weeks ago with our annual tradition of carving pumpkins.Wanting our child to keep all his little fingers, we opted for painting instead of carving. 
He did do a great job though of separating the pulp from the seeds.
J and Ben’s pumpkins. Noticeably mine was absent and there’s a reason for it. It was crap and I was pretty disappointed in myself. 
The Friday before Halloween, Ben’s preschool had a fall carnival with games, face painting, and prizes.
Ben did so well sitting still to get his face painted. I was sure that both Ben and his teacher were going to have paint all over them but he did great.
Like most holidays, Halloween was split between both J’s parents and mine. That afternoon we went to J’s parents house to see his brother, aunt and uncle, grandparents, and cousins. I love that all of J’s family live so close and that we get to see them so often. My MIL made chili and Ben got several pumpkins full of goodies including his favorite, Playdough. While fun to play with, Ben really likes to eat it.
Back away woman. 
Ben didn’t quite know what to think of his cousin’s hat.
At sunset we made the trip back home and headed over to my parent’s house where we ate even more food and took Ben to some houses in their neighborhood. It was neat to take Ben to the same houses where I used to trick or treat when I was little. 

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