Halloween 2016

We had the cutest little Paw Patroler and Lego Man this Halloween. We kicked off celebrations Friday afternoon with Jack’s party at school. Ben’s school does a fun reading day but they don’t have a party. He’s always thrilled by this. 🙂
After the school party we took the boys downtown to trick or treat. This was our first time going and it was awesome. Most of the city buildings, shops, and restaurants hand out candy and it’s neat to see all the other kids’ costumes. 
Excited by something other than a tootsie roll. I’m with ya kid.
One of the florists decorated their alley into a spooky forrest and it was the coolest thing.
No Halloween is complete without pumpkin carving and while my husband got a little political, Ben went with the traditional face, and I decided to tackle Chase from Paw Patrol. Despite scooping his pumpkin out, Jack was done after that. 
On Halloween night we went to J’s mom’s house for dinner and then over to my parent’s house where we met up with my sister and her family. Only a few of the houses in my parent’s neighborhood were handing out candy so we loaded in the kids in the back of the SUV and went across the road to another subdivision and let the kids go trick or treating there. It made their night when one house was handing out candy AND Beanie babies. I would have paid good money for those when I was little:)
After the candy was collected I made sure to collect my mommy tax for driving them around which consisted of Milk Duds and a piece of Double Bubble. 
Perks of being a mom. 

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