Gone Fishing

This weekend was a good mix of productivity and relaxation. Well as much as you can do of both with a 4 year old and 3 month old. Saturday I planned on getting out all my fall decorations but it rained the entire day. J’s mom and niece ended up coming over for lunch and to hang out for the afternoon.
Sunday was beautiful so we took full advantage of the gorgeous weather and went fishing. My sister’s friend lives on a huge farm with a lake full of fish just waiting to be caught. When I was younger I fished a lot on family vacations with my dad but Ben’s only experience fishing is his magnetic fishing pole puzzle.
He ended up getting the hang of it pretty quickly.
Reeling in a fish!
Ben’s Uncle Chris got the fish off the hook and showed him how to hold onto it.
My niece was my little fishing buddy.
While we fished, Jack slept, smiled, and ate.

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